Maya Config Addon For Blender 3.4

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Update 4.0
Please Note: For the New Blender 3.4 Full Release, please see "Blender 2.80 Full Release - Maya Config Installation" video on Youtube

Please install Version 4.0 ( for the latest version, which includes these updates and additions:

  • QWER keys now work in Pose mode
  • Various updates bringing us up to speed with Blender 3.4


Tested to work in version Blender Build v3.4
Steam Blender is untested/unsupported
Mac and Linux are minimally tested, and are both unsupported.

Get the Hotkey Cheat Sheet here:

Config + Addons are for Blender 2.82 Full and Blender Builds. Tested to work in Windows 10 and Linux Mint operating systems (Mac is not supported at this time).
See it in action here!

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Contained is a zip file of the config and add-ons, plus both Video instructions and Textual instructions for installation.

Maya Marking Menu styled pie menu:

  • Edge/Face/Vert selection modes that go directly into those particular Edit modes from within Object mode. Edit mode button that goes into last used.
  • Object mode toggle button
  • Isolate Select toggle button
  • Shade Flat and Shade Smooth buttons
  • Invert Selection button
  • Maximize Screen Area toggle button
  • A Create Mesh Drop down menu
  • A Create Lights Drop down menu
  • A History Drop down menu for freezing & resetting transforms

Special Tools Menu (Shift + Right Mouse Button Activated)

  • Special Tools Menu for Faces
  • Edges
  • and Vertices

Quad View menu pie (a space bar activated pie menu):

  • Quad View toggle button
  • Active Camera toggle button
  • Orthographic view buttons

Maya Display Panel, left side panel:

  • 3D Cursor ON/OFF button
  • Symmetry button
  • Render window button
  • Tutorials button linking to Form Affinity videos
  • Quadview toggle button
  • Active Camera toggle button

Keymap section, allowing you to quickly switch between Blender default or Maya hotkeys/keymaps:

  • Blender keymap button
  • Maya keymap button


  • Alt + Left Mouse Button Rotates (tumbles) the 3D View
  • Alt + Middle Mouse Button Pans the 3D View
  • QWER keys set to Selection Box, Move, Rotate & Scale widgets
  • F key set to Focus on object
  • Right Mouse button brings up Marking Menu
  • Ctrl + Space bar also activates Marking Menu
  • Alt + E hotkey for Isolate Select
  • Ctrl + E hotkey for Extrude on normal
  • G key set to Create Face

UV Section:

  • W for Transform
  • Q for Selection Box
  • E for UV Context Menu
  • F in 3D Viewport will Focus on Selection
  • F in Outliner will Focus on selected object (expand)

Themes and Configuration:

  • Two Maya styled 3D Viewport themes
  • Layout configured to resemble Maya panel locations, look and feel.

Other Features:

  • Selecting/dragging outside of an object while in the Move/Rotate/Scale widgets deselects instead of transforming. 
  • A version of MyAlt for Blender particular to this setup
  • Modeling Tab defaults to Object Mode instead of Edit Mode.
  • Add/Subtract/Difference selections using Shift, Ctrl, Ctrl + Shift, while in transform widgets (Move, Rotate, Scale)

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Full Maya Config Addon with Hotkeys, Marking Menu, Quad Menu and Special Tools Menus!

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Maya Config Addon For Blender 3.4

714 ratings
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