Maya Config Pro | V 2.2

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The Fastest way to Transition from Maya to Blender, Guaranteed!

Maya Config Pro is a Configuration of Blender which includes several addons:

You get everything from the Free Version ( + Much More (please see italics at bottom for additional important details)
The Very Best Maya-Like Experience Inside Blender! See what others are saying:

Money Back Guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied, return your order within 60 days of the purchase date, and we'll refund you. Please consider downloading and trying the Free Maya Config Addon in order to test with your system Before buying this product.
(Allow 5-7 days processing time for issued refunds, per Gumroad's system).

Current Version is 2.2, and is tested to work with Blender 4.0.2 Full Version,  as well as 4.0.3 Beta Builds Release Candidate. Note: Currently not tested in anything higher than 4.0.3
Tested and Built Primarily in the Windows 10 environment. Mac and Linux, please see "Additional Notes of Consideration" in the italics towards the bottom of this page.
Steam Blender is untested and unsupported and will likely produce errors.

Pro Ani 1.4: New Animation Tier Includes:

  • Addition Animation Shelf in the Top Shelf Drop down
  • Shift + Middle Click and Drag to Copy Keyframes in Timeline
  • Link/Append | Make Proxy | Pose Mode in 3 Easy steps with buttons close to each other
  • Graph Editor, Dope Sheet & Drivers Editor Popup Windows
  • Split 3D Viewport Button to display Bottom Timeline
  • Animation Pie Menu

Pro Features Include (addons emboldened bullet points):

Panel Pro Side Panel | CamTools 2.0

  • Mesh Smooth Preview buttons, set to the 1, 2 and 3 hotkeys
  • Gizmo/Widget Size Adjuster
  • In-App Hotkey List
  • Maya Equivalent Hotkey Checker
  • CamTools 1.0, with Camera View Lock Toggle Button, Lock Transforms, Toggle Camera and more. The Camera View Lock is now able to toggle. See all transform locks directly in Camtools

Marking Menu Pro |


  • New Multi Sub Component Mode
  • Added selection features (invert, all, none, ring, loop, more & less)
  • Subdivide and Un-subdivide buttons
  • Flip normal and Merge buttons
  • Extra Modes (Sculpt, Vertex, Weight and Texture)

Pro Top Shelf |


  • Dynamic Shelf Dropdown Selection
  • Polygon, Curves/Surfaces, Rendering & FX shelves
  • Freeze Transforms
  • Join and Separate Object Buttons
  • Materials and Render Workspace Buttons
  • Load Reference & Load Background Images
  • Add Lights and Camera
  • Live-like Symmetry Addon

Pro Side Shelf | Modeling ToolKit

Pro features Include:

  • Everything from the Top Shelf +
  • Slight Change in Primitive Creation Options
  • Nurbs Curves and Surfaces
  • New to Version 1.6: Modeling ToolKit:
    Subcomponent Modes, Live Symmetry Addon, Modeling Tools like Extrude Along Normal, Extrude Along Axis, Bevel, Bridge and Inset, plus more!

Addon Details:
Mesh Smooth Preview |

  • 1, 2 & 3 Hotkeys for setting to 0, 2 and 3 Subdivisions
  • Coinciding 1,2 & 3 Buttons on the Left Side Panel
  • Toggle Switch functionality

Maya Equivalent Hotkey Checker |

  • Type in a Blender Hotkey and run "OK" function
  • Displays Maya Equivalent in the bottom Info area

Live-like Symmetry Addon |

  • Run an X or Z Symmetry/Mirror, automatically cutting the object in half
  • Buttons for Applying the Symmetry and for Applying Transforms

Tab Switcher Pie/Marking Menu |

  • Quickly Switch Tab Workspace while over the 3D Viewport

Other Features:
New Materials Window Layout |

  • Hypershade-like Window for adjusting materials has been revamped with a new layout and features
  • Drag and Drop functionality of left side materials
  • Includes 5 Pre-Made materials: Blambert, BlinnB, BrampShader, PhongB & Surface Shader Emission, + Standard BlenderBSDF (Principle Shader)
  • Preview Window setup in order to preview materials prior to rendering
  • Top-Right Render Engine Switcher

5 Included Pre-Made Materials + Standard BlenderBSDF |

Revamped Render Tab |

  • Added Outliner and Render Passes sections

Outliner Improvements |

  • Streamlined and Clean Outliner (no more spreadsheet look)
  • "Active Mesh" section for ease of finding objects within complex scenes
  • Horizontally Split for Easy Dragging and Dropping between Collections and Scenes with Numerous Objects

Hotkey List Popup Window |

  • Displays all of the Hotkeys included in the Keymap of this Configuration

Discord Server |

  • Access to the Private MCP (Maya Config Pro) Discord Server
    - Share your work, ask questions, and have conversations with the MCP community (see _DISCORD.txt for access).

Maya Config Pro Cheat Sheet |

(This is a crop/snippet sample. Actual size is roughly 8.5" wide by 55" inches tall)

  • A Pro Version of the Maya Config Addon Cheat Sheet, found here (
    - Note: This does not include the Tutorial Video or Scene file from that product
  • Includes png and pdf formats of the Cheat Sheet

Common Features Included from Maya Config Addon For Blender |

  • Marking Menu (right click activated)
  • Quad Menu (space bar activated)
  • Special Tools Menu (shift + RMB activated)
  • All of the Hotkeys from the Original Free Version (QWER, etc)
  • Themes and Configuration
  • Select by Dragging while using Transform Widgets
  • A version of MyAlt for Blender particular to this setup
  • Add/Subtract/Difference selections using Shift, Ctrl, Ctrl + Shift, while in transform widgets (Move, Rotate, Scale)
  • Layout configured to resemble Maya panel locations, look and feel.

Bug Fixes and Updates:

  • Version 2.2 - Added Snapping hotkeys for D+G, D+V and D+C for snapping to Grid, Vertex and Edge, respectively. These hotkeys also turn on the origin visibility and sets the current tool to the Move tool. "D" turns off snapping and hides the origin. A snapping menu icon has been added to the RMB activated Marking Menu for even more snapping tools. The top shelf and "n" activated right side shelf now have cylinders preset to contain face edges on their endcaps (Cap Fill Type - Triangle Fan, instead of the default N-Gon). The MMB activated Quad View now contains a Split 3D View button to split either horizontally or vertically.
  • Version 2.1 - Quickfavorites is back and set to Shift + Q.
    New feature: Allows users to select another object while in Edit Mode of a first object. The newly selected object will also be in Edit Mode. This bypasses the need to go out to Object Mode so much. Alt + E for Isolate Select is now working in Pose Mode.
  • Version 2.0 - Added an "Active Mesh" section to the top of the Outliner, enhancing the ability to find objects within complex scenes. Included an Asset Browser button on the top shelf (which toggles and splits the 3D viewport), as well as the left side Pro Panel that creates an Asset Browser pop-up window. Added an "Add Asset" button to the left side Pro Panel. Added Asset Browser to the Hypershade tab. Added "Merge by Distance" to the Marking Menu pie.
  • Version 1.8 Updated to coincide with the new Blender 2.93 (various coding updates and changes made)Quad Vie Marking (pie) menu feature change. Now when clicking "Right, Left, Top, Front, etc", it automatically switches from Perspective view to Orthographic view. Use the same QuadView marking menu bottom to switch out of Ortho and back into Perspective Shift select now works in Outliner and will select all items in between the items clicked. 
  • Version 1.7 - Added new features: This update has several exciting new features: The Top shelf has been updated to be dynamic. It's stretchy, and adjusts button size according to your screen resolution or the size that Blender has been minimized to. The buttons are also bigger, and a new drop down button has been added, allowing the user to quickly change from one shelf to another (Polygon modeling to Curves, for example).The left side Panel Pro has been updated with new features. A set to default button for the widget size has been added. 3D cursor icons have changed. Select and set different themes buttons have been added (including Alt + B as the hotkey).Camtools is now in Version 2.0, and is much more user friendly. "Lock Camera to View" can now be seen toggling on (Blue) and off. The user can also see the locked transforms within Camtools, and toggle them all, or by Location, Rotation, and Scale, or individually. New pivot features have been added. When in adjust pivot mode (hotkey "d"), the user can hit the V hotkey to quickly snap the pivot to vertices. The Alt + LMB hotkey to Tumble/Orbit around the object now works in Draw mode for Greasepencil. The Alt key in conjunction with LMB, MMB, RMB and Scroll wheel can now be held down the entire time instead of having to release (depress) it between them.. 
  • Version 1.6 - Added New Features:
    CamTools 1.0, with a Camera View Lock for ease of use when animating the camera or doing animatic work. Camera Lock & Unlock transforms buttons. Various view buttons. The new Modeling Toolkit, with the brand new Extrude Along Axis button, activated by holding down Ctrl and Double Click (LMB). Other great modeling buttons are contained within the Toolkit as well, providing easily reachable and visible modeling buttons. 

Known Bugs (Fixed or Pending Repair)

  • 008 - Fixed Asset Browser Button on top Shelf
  • 009 - Fixed MMB error in 3D viewport
  • 010 - Fixed Live Like Symmetry buttons on top shelf
  • 011 - Fixed Extrude Along Axis Button when holding CTRL + LMB while double clicking

*Additional Notes of Consideration*

  • Various Versions Tested to work with Blender 4.0.3 Full Version and 4.0.3 Beta Build, all Primarily on Windows 10 Operating System.. Please Check back here or on the Discord for updates. Mac has been tested to work in Catalina Operating system. If you haven't already, Please download and try the Free Version to make sure it works with your operating system (much success has been gained with Linux and Mac), your Blender needs and various Addons etc., before purchasing Maya Config Pro. Get the Free Version here ->
  • Mesh Smooth Preview creates a Modifier during its operation. It has been tested in conjunction with other modifiers and has proven to work, but it is advised to use it with caution during heavy modifier usage.
  • Symmetry Addon:
    This addon renames any object that it is applied to 
    (mirrorX or mirrorZ) Please prepare for this accordingly. Objects can be renamed afterwards by the user.
  • Symmetry Addon Cont.:
    There currently is no Y axis button for the Live-like Symmetry Addon. This is a work in progress. It is advised that all objects that are to undergo this operation are set to face in the Y direction (towards the default camera), so that they may be appropriately cut along the X axis. Objects are set as default in this appropriate direction upon creation anyways, just be careful with imported objects and objects that have been rotated. All objects should start out symmetrical before using this addon and should have their transforms set to zero. Not having an object will throw an error, be sure to select an object before running the addon. I've named it "Live-like" because it doesn't yet have hover over highlighting for vertices, faces and edges. This is a desired feature that I hope to implement at some point in the future. Symmetry addon should be used and the operation finalized before any other modifiers are applied to an object, as they may interfere with this addon if they're applied first.
    If you have any questions, please see the Maya Config Pro Overview video.
  • The Free version will continue to have bug fixes and small updates, but will be lacking in all new Major Features that will be contained only with Maya Config Pro and/or Pro Ani
  • The top and side shelves do not allow for customization as is the case in Maya. Only customize if you have experience with coding within Blender.
  • New Major features will at times be included and updated to the standard Pro edition, or, depending on the depth of scope, be added as a higher priced tier
  • Product File size varies, but is usually around 10 to 15 MB's, and is contained in Zip File format. 
  • The Discord Channel/Server is rule based. Form Affinity reserves the right to remove/ban/limit anyone who does not follow the rules or who does not add to a positive & healthy social environment.
  • The Config is meant to be installed as a base, whereby any outside addons are added on top. Please note that by installing Maya Config Pro, any pre-existing Addons will be deleted. If you need a 2nd version of Blender in order to have the Config installed, we recommend utilizing the Blender Builds website.
  • Maya Config Pro is created and sold As-Is. That said, contact details are included if you have any questions or concerns. 

               Thank you for using Maya Config Pro! - Team Form Affinity

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You may be asked to show that you have tried the free version, Maya Config Addon, before purchasing the Pro version, before requesting a refund. This can be email verified, and the Free Version (Maya Config Addon) helps by giving you a way to test the software with your system/setting etc., before fully committing to the paid version.

Get the free version here:

Last updated May 23, 2023

Config + Addons

Mesh Smooth Preview
Symmetry Addon
Panel Pro Side Panel
Hotkey Equivalence Checker
Top and Side Shelf
Tab Switcher Pie
Gizmo Size Adjuster
In-App Hotkey List
All Features of the Original Maya Config Addon
Private Discord Channel Access
Maya Config Pro Cheat Sheet
CamTools 1.0
Modeling ToolKit
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Maya Config Pro | V 2.2

54 ratings
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